Do I Need To Change My Diet Whilst I’m On Growth Hormone?

Before we start discussing the concerned topic let’s discuss the concept of the human Growth Hormone (GH) first so that we have a foundation on which we can lay down our discussion. So a human growth hormone is a regulatory substance that manages the growth of a human body. The growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland that is present at the brain’s base. So the basic function of the growth hormone is it promotes linear growth, that is helps the children to grow tall, it also decreases the body fat and increases the muscle mass. Direct peptides uk
It also manages the metabolism of the body in children as well as adults. Metabolism basically is the process where cells transform food into energy and other fuel that the body needs.
Now, the growth hormone has to be maintained at a particular level, one can’t have too much of it or to the contrary too little. As in both cases one’s body will suffer from health issues. However its deficiency can be treated with the use of synthetic or external growth hormone.
The growth hormone is only available if you have an authorized prescription because sometimes it is used for non-medicinal illegal purposes. But some companies tend to sell these without prescription. The growth hormone is usually injected in the body but lately one can see some supplements is the form or capsules and tablets as well.
Uses of the Growth hormone in case of children and adults.
• In Children
The primary use of synthetic growth hormone is to treat its deficiency. It is also helpful in treating few syndromes like turner syndrome, it is a genetic condition affecting a girl’s development. It also treats Prader- Willi syndrome and chronic kidney diseases.
• In Adults
Primarily the deficiency of the hormone is treated. It also treats the Short bowel syndrome. It is a disorder in which certain nutrients are not absorbed properly reason being either one is suffering from an acute intestinal disease or removal of a huge portion of small intestine via surgery. Muscle wasting that is caused from HIV is basically loss of the muscle tissue, these growth hormones helps in treating such muscle loss.
A question regarding the food that an individual can consume while being on the synthetic or external dosage of the growth hormone is frequently asked. The answer is really simple, it’s just that you should have your basic diet, the one that you regularly have. As discussed earlier, you need to maintain a moderate level of the hormone, so if you eat food that increases the levels of such hormones whilst you are on synthetic ones as well, that will lead to excessive growth hormone in your body. This excessive hormone will result in numerous health issues. So it is suggested that you should eat food that supplements your synthetic growth hormone. The best you can do it, visit the doctor who has prescribed it. He will guide you the best.